About Afrocentric Voices

singer4big1Afrocentric Voices in “Classical” Music was launched in February 1998 by soprano and researcher Randye Jones. The site started small, with a handful of biographies on musicians such as composer H. T. Burleigh and contralto Marian Anderson as well as a bibliography of relevant music resources. However, since Afrocentric Voices moved to its current domain in December 1999, it has seen the addition of several features, including the 2001 addition of a chronology of achievements by African American vocalists, composers and publishers, and a gallery of pictures of internationally renowned African American singers and composers of vocal music, which has now become a Pinterest page that shares the name Afrocentric Voices.

In 2008, Afrocentric Voices Radio launched, its stated goal to provide “a range of Classical music often missed by traditional Classical music stations.” (The station closed in January, 2016. A re-launch is being planned.) Other services continue to be added.

When Afrocentric Voices first opened, there was no other site that focused on the accomplishments of African Americans on the opera or concert stage. Fortunately, other researchers have also taken on the task of spreading the word about these historic and contemporary musicians. Additionally, more living musicians are taking advantage of the Internet to share their own histories with us all. Therefore, Afrocentric Voices has begun selecting biographical subjects whose careers have not yet received the level of recognition online they richly deserve.


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